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We're making some changes which will affect your Wikispaces Private Label site that we wanted to let you know of ahead of time.
1) Comments: We found that while many users loved our comment feature, they sometimes missed when new comments were added to a page. In an effort to make them easier to use, we will be showing comments more prominently on the right side of all pages. Also, since it has become obvious to us that commenting is more about editing pages than discussing them, we are changing the way we manage commenting permissions.
Commenting permissions will follow the page edit permissions -- if a user has permission to edit, they will be able to comment. If they don't have permission to edit, they will not.
This also applies to custom page permissions and locking pages.
Please note that this means that if you have a page set to allow discussion but not edits, users will lose the permission to add comments when we make this change. And if you have a page set to allow edits but not discussions, users will gain the permission to comment on that page. We do not recommend making any changes ahead of time but you may need to answer user questions as they arise after this change.
2) Manage Wiki: The manage wiki area is getting a visual overhaul. It will be called Settings, and we will no longer show the link to non-organizers, making your site cleaner for your users.
3) Discussions: We are changing the way discussions look at the thread level. The new look is more modern and cool and part of some new stuff we're developing. We think you'll like it.
4) Navigation Bar: We are changing the way the navigation bar works on the side of your wikis. In the past you could edit the custom navigation bar inline. Now, you'll need to click "edit navigation" to add new navigation sections, reorder links, or delete sections. Only organizers can edit the custom navigation now, along with all other "Content Manager" pages. We found people making a lot of accidental navigation bar edits so hopefully this will clear that up.
These changes will be going live within the next two weeks. Please let us know if you have any questions at

Reason for Use

"Wikis can provide an effective context within which higher-level thinking skills and collective learning can take place, but not without careful planning on the part of the teacher. Control must be let go so that students are empowered to explore and discover and to work together toward a solution. This maximizes the problem-based approach but also increases the likelihood that students will acquire the kinds of skills that are transferable and the higher-level processing skills that complex problems require in order to work them through.
Ruth Reynard, Ph.D., "3 Challenges to Wiki Use in Instruction," T.H.E. Journal, 4/1/2009,

  • Creating Meaningful assignments
  • Assignments are Dynamic and Require Student Participation
  • Grade Value for Constructed Input
  • Working with and Building on Existing Information
  • Synthesis of Ideas and Relevant Use
  • Collective Knowledge Use: Learning

Wikis in the Classroom
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Why should we Wiki??? by Vicki Davis aka Coolcatteacher

Ease of Use

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Creating Your Wikispace
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Examples for Teachers

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