Epson FAQ Sessions

Two ways to connect to your Epson Projector

A. Cables connected to your dock:
  • HDMI - Black Cable carries picture and good sound quality to the Epson Projector Speakers.
  • USB - White Cable carries 2 pens and touch if it is installed.
B. Wireless - Easy MP Software carries picture with a delayed sound quality and with one pen.

Be sure to check on your remote:epson.jpg
LAN is the wireless signal
Computer is the HDMI signal
Search Source will help you locate your projected image

To calibrate automatically:
User Button and the Arrow enter button will project the calibration field.
Be sure that the image is not blocked with other items on the screen.
You can also use the remote to calibrate manually and that will give a more accurate pen location.

Two ways to connect and use the pen:

  • No Cables - Wireless through the Easy MP Network Projection Software. - one pen
  • HDMI Cable AND USB Cable into dock or computer. - two pens and/or touch option.

Three ways to Project to board:
  • No Cables - Wireless through the Easy MP Network Projection Software. - one pen.
  • HDMI Cable into dock or computer with no touch options.
  • HDMI Cable AND USB Cable into dock or computer - two pens and/or touch option.

Interactive Programs available:
  • Epson On Screen Tools (always available through the projector not the computer)
  • Epson Easy Interactive Tools (in Software Center) - both pens and touch capable
  • ActivInspire (installed on your computer) - one pen only

Microsoft Office Products:
If you are connected with the USB cable to the Epson Projector you will be able to use the INKING Features in Microsoft Office. This feature is only available if you have a touch screen or touch pen capabilities enabled on a laptop. This can be accomplished by connecting the USB Cable to the laptop. Sometimes you need to restart.

FAQ - POWER POINT and the Extended Display (from Windows 8 FAQ page)

FAQ - Windows Shortcut Keys you need to know! (from Windows 8 FAQ page) Key Shortcuts

Helpful Key combinations using the Windows Key
windows key.jpg
windows key.jpg

Windows Key Opens the Start Menu
Windows Key and C opens the Charms Menu
Windows Key and P Display the monitor, extend or duplicate screens
Windows Key and U Opens Ease of Access Center

How to change your Pen to Eraser or Right Click on the REMOTE
  • Menu
  • Extend
  • Extended Display
  • Pen
  • Advanced

Videos to review:
These are in Atomic Learning and will be helpful to review if you need a refresher or if you wish to continue further than today's training.