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CV logo star only.pngCV Staff Page. (You will be reviewing many of these tools later this week with Tonya!)
Shortcuts to programs for you use frequently
    • *** NOTE: You will need to make shortcuts to your programs like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word
        • start menu
          start button.PNG
          start button.PNG
        • type program name i.e. “Microsoft Word” and right click
        • Select one of the following options
          • Pin to start menu or
          • Pin to taskbar or
          • Send to desktop (create a shortcut)
        • Repeat these steps for any program you use often.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 - Outlook, Calendar, Notes

    • The first time you launch/run/open Word or Powerpoint or Excel you may see a Welcome to Microsoft Office -
    • If you see this box Select “Don’t make changes” option
    • If you don’t see this message, then it is a step you can skip!

    external image wq-5AySBq0LYp2SG-F1mT9Z45HLS0cw5d_GHhmCbkOLHbFvQ3U-FyPYX90codKCBQhvXNe1p8TfaG3ZAnashLiipNupPi7-TwhP6tcYgCebENOX9mi_-xAVlGPwFxX66jQ
    • You are ready to begin using Microsoft Word!
  • Microsoft Outlook - Email - Make a Shortcut for this often used program
    • start menu
      start button.PNG
      start button.PNG
        • type program name i.e. “Microsoft Outlook” and right click
        • Select one of the following options
          • Pin to start menu or
          • Pin to taskbar or
          • Send to desktop (create a shortcut)
      • You will need to set up your email for the Domain. You will need to click on your newly created Outlook shortcut/icon. The first time you open outlook you will be asked a series of questions.
      • NOTE: The default prompt screens will be Next, Next, Next, Finish. And if you follow the default prompts and do not change any settings, it will go smoothly.
      • Creating a Signature in Microsoft Outlook.
      • Steps to Add your Signature Line in Outlook
        • File
        • Options
        • Mail
        • Signatures
        • New
        • OK
          • add your name
          • your school
          • your school phone number
          • your school email address
          • SAVE
          • Select when you want it to be used.


Your Files- Your Named Network drive where you save all your documents are located in Your Named Network Drive. H: Drive is your Named Network Drive for all of your documents and data.
  • Printers- When logged onto the New Domain, you will need to reconnect to printers that are still located on the old Domain until we make the official transition of print servers over the summer.

To Add a Printer:
Go to START (Office Button) - external image XOTVmRUXRD641-OcpKKX7N8_-N3BsmDvN3Ixb1dQGAeALn0yM1YyZfHUV68sfv6xZvQf-SDfDiw-rbv8MLeCzjyTDiuzjGFRFi-KQOmm20uFXgEjSiO2-MU58i_dU1Zlww
Select “Devices & Printers”
Select Add a Printer (top of window)
Select “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”
Select “The printer I want isn’t listed”
Select “Find a printer in the directory…” Click NEXT
The “Find Printers” window will appear, (see Highlighted YELLOW)
select: in the drop down box and click Find Now
if you do not find the printer you want to use try the drop down menu again and
select: in the drop down box and click Find Now

Double click on the printer/or copier you want from that list.

  • Sapphire Gradebook and Community Portal - not just for grades! also communicating with parents and posting assignments and sharing comments with whole class or individual students. All MS and HS students have accounts and should be checking this regularly at home and at school.
  • Google Chrome keeping bookmarks and staying organized --
    • Use google chrome AND Sign in!!
    • I have multiple user accounts one for school and one for home and I can have different bookmarks for each!
  • Google Drive/Sharing
    • ONE DOMAIN all teachers, staff and students are on the same domain so you can share documents easily with your class.
  • Google Calendar - merging work and home
    • Keeping it together I share my calendar with my husband, my son, my work schedule and my home schedule... by making multiple calendars we can easily see all the information in one place.
  • Wiki or Blog another way to communicate and post information!
  • ISTE Standards
  • Digital Citizenship - Common Sense Media Resources
    • Youtube, Pintrest and Social Media Sites -- Age restriction of Age 13. Use caution when recommending sites to parents be sure the content is rated for your age level of student. If you are unsure ... you can check this web site.
    • Also use caution when using outside resources with parents. While there is a plethora of Web tools available look closely at the sponsored links and ads that are on a website. Sometimes web tools are shutdown... like Posterous, iGoogle and others we came to use regularly... Don't bet the farm on the new tool! but do use them when appropriate in your classroom!
    • Use the Common Sense website and become a model for your students of Digital Citizenship.
    • Don't forget to say where you found something and why you are using this resources

  • Google

Good to Know- FYI
Control/Alt/Delete... Locks your computer ALWAYS - Please do this when you leave your classroom or walk away from your desk. You just need to type your password to access your information.

Shutting Down... Please shut down your computer every night. This full shut down and full restart clears many problems users have with their computers. And it is the first thing a CV Technician will ask you to do!

Turning on you computer Try Turning on you machine when you first walk in the room... before you put your lunch in the fridge or hang up your coat. Usually your machine will be awake by the time you do this. If your computer is starting slowly it is usually due to syncing files, updating software, or installing updates that are sent to your machine. Patience...

If your screen is blank, try turning on your projector to view your projected image... or unplugging your projector cable from your laptop. If you regularly use two screens ... Laptop and Projected image this could help resolve your issue.

Malware - if you computer is running slow, redirecting you to a different start screen or giving you random pop ups... you have malware. The Tech Department has information of what you can do to fix the issue.. Start with a helpdesk ticket.

Helpdesk System

If you are having issues you can use a student machine to place a full helpdesk ticket with the information about the issue or if necessary call the helpdesk number... The HS staff start around 7 am and the phone sends an alert to the tech team if no one answers... PLEASE leave a message!

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