Moving your Google Documents from google domain to google domain

Signing in/Creating your NEW GOOGLE account

  1. "Change" your password on the new domain on your laptop machine.
    • Control/Alt/Delete and select Change Password
    • For NOW you can keep your same password ... just enter your current password in all three boxes.
    • This will establish your account in NEW GOOGLE.
    • This will be your password for all things NEW DOMAIN
      • Google Docs
  2. These next steps can be done on your laptop
  3. Go to the new Google Domain and Sign into your new account.
  4. Then sign out and go back to your cvsd google account with your old domain password.
    • is no longer working so please just add another user to your google account settings.
      • Username: firstname_lastname@
      • Password: your old domain password
      • You will need to put in a helpdesk ticket for your password to be reset for the old domain to access your documents

OPTION ONE to share documents with your new domain account

Sharing Files from Old Google to the New Google
  • In CVSD Google you will notice the old Logo
  • click the select all icon
cvsd google select button.PNG
  • and then click the share button
cvsd google share button.PNG
  • and share with your self in the new domain by typing your firstname_lastname@conestogavalley. org
  • UNCHECK the Notify people via email (or you will get an email for every document you have shared)
  • Follow the prompts to allow these documents to be share outside the domain.
  • Skipping invitations? OK
  • Are you sure? YES
cvsd google invite.PNG
YOU MIGHT NEED TO TYPE the CAPTCHA - crazy letters.

Transfer Ownership of your Google Documents

More Helpful Information from Google Help DataBase
Transfer File Ownership Article

When you share the documents with yourself in the new domain YOU WILL NO LONGER BE THE OWNER of the document but just a collaborator.
You will find your documents under the SHARED with ME Tab

If you would like to become the owner of the shared Google document you will need to make a copy of the item.
You are now the owner of the COPY of the original document.
You can make a copy of multiple documents at one time but you will not keep any of the collaborators.
If you wish to keep the collaborators on a document you must open the document and use the File Make a Copy option. This feature allows you to reshare the copy with the same collaborators.

Your documents will be showing up in your Shared with Me documents instead of My Drive.

Migrate your data away from CVSD Google Drive to Google Drive accountTWO MORE OPTIONS- Google Drive and Google Takeout.


Please consult the Google Website for more information and detailed directions from Google.
Google Drive - is a program you can install on your teacher machine.
Google Drive gives you the option to sync your Google drive to your computer or to download the files to your computer


Please consult the Google Website for more information and detailed directions from Google.
You can use Google Take out and take out all of your google documents from CVSD.K12.PA.US and they will move to an archive file.
You can then upload them to the NEW domain.
You will lose all collaborators when you use this tool but it will move all Google Drive Documents at once.

Google Takeout - Create an Archive of your google DATA and move it out of CVSD.
  • This will create an archive folder of your CVSD Google Drive
  • Save the archive folder to your named network folder
  • Don't forget to EXTRACT the files from the Zipped folder.
  • Upload the files in the Google Drive folder to your new Google Drive Account.
    google takeout.PNG
    google takeout.PNG