Public Folder Changes
Current Public Environment
With the change to the new domain we will be improving our public network folder environment. Public network drives in the domain are scattered across the district with each school having its own public drive and no collaboration amongst the schools. The following is the current public drives:
HS and MS P: Drive:
pic HS.png
ST P: Drive:
pic st.png
FR P: Drive:
Pic FR.png
LE P: Drive:
pic LE.png

BT P: Drive:
Pic BT.png
New Public Environment
In the new Domain we are creating a new centrally located P: Public drive (currently shows as the O: Drive on your computer), which is located at the High School and is shared amongst all buildings to act as a central, collaborated store.
The new public folder has the following features / conditions:
  • Staff will only have access to folders that they are assigned by Building AND Grade Level or Department.
  • All folders should be used with the understanding that this is a shared and collaborative environment.
  • These are not working directories and should only be used for sharing and storing materials that can be accessed by anyone.
  • If you need to edit or work on a file it should be copied to your computer, edited, and then copied back up.
  • Access to folders can be edited with a Helpdesk ticket request (proper permissions may need to be provided before access changes can be made final)
The new P: Drive currently looks as follows:
What is expected of Staff
What is required for the domain change? All staff are asked to evaluate the files currently located in the individual school public drives (the current P: drive) and determine what files you want to keep. If these are files that are to be shared with other staff they should be moved to the new appropriate public folder in the O: drive. If they are personal files they should be moved to your personal H: drive. When the transition to the new domain occurs this summer any files left on the old public drives will be deleted and will not be recoverable in any way.