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Summer Laptop Care:

Microsoft Updates - Microsoft sends critical updates to your machine and you can accept these updates for your Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office Products.
  • Java
  • Flash
  • Adobe Reader
    • JUST Say NO to the Free Stuff
    • Uncheck the box that offers you the Yahoo tool bars or McAfee.. you already have a virus scan protection program
  • iTunes - SAY YES!!! and restart for it to take affect
  • and Web Browsers Try them all and use what works for the tool you are using!
    • Chrome
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox


  1. Glogster OLD vs NEW version What do you need to know about the change
  2. Wikispaces whats new!!
    1. Manage Wiki is now Settings and more
    2. Discussion Thread Changes
    3. Comments - for editors!!
  3. Wikispaces Classroom Coming SOON!
  4. Google Drive whats new!
  5. Google Chrome Buttons whats new!!!
  6. Orange Projector REFRESH with Speakers and Dual user!!
  7. XP Machines - discuss with Principal any replacement needs
  8. Print management system - Discussion with the Principals about needs
  9. Network connectivity with video resources for Safari Montage and Discovery Ed
  10. Web Tools and Terms of Service Check Age level!
  11. Summer and your laptop!
  12. Elementary Technology Committee Report (see below)
  13. Discovery Education the new Dashboard LOVE IT! DE new home page!.JPG

K-2 Discussions
  • What is a good app for K-2
  • How can I use the iPads in my curriculum next year?
  • What training do you need?
SM 4 Desktops in Grade 1 and 2 as a station for your room.

Grade 3-6
Laptop carts
  • what are good tools for 3-6?
  • How can I use the laptops in my curriculum next year.
  • What training do you need?
SM will be done on the laptop carts


1. Malware Babylon and MixiDJ -- try Malwarebytes if you need to remove malware

2. Ask Tool Bar remove it with the control panel
  • Start Menu
  • Control Panel
  • Programs
  • Uninstall programs
  • Ask Toolbar
  • Uninstall... maybe right click on the Ask Toolbar
  • follow on screen directions and
  • RESTART your web browsers
Why uninstall... Ask tool bar interferes with Wikispaces and Google Docs.

3. Safari Montage
4. Atomic Learning for teachers and for kids too!
5. Teacher Tools for EARTH DAY!!
6. Good Tools:
  • Comic Master
  • Worldbook online (library page has link too!)
  • Signing into Google Chrome...and some great Chrome extentions, Diigo, and Evernote


  1. Carts and Lab time discussion for building
    • How is the access going?
    • Any concerns? Any recommendations
  2. USE GOOGLE CHROME for accessing Google Calendar and for google Docs!!
  3. USE Internet Explorer for accessing SME
  4. Malware -- Babylon and Mixi.DJ are two I have seen... put in a helpdesk ticket !!
  5. MS Office is now only offering Office 2013 Blog
    • We should have Office 2010 on all student laptops and all teacher laptop machines.
  6. Good Resources for Student Projects:
  7. Survey Discovery Ed and Safari Montage
    • Are you using the video resources?
    • Is it working well?


  1. ActivInspire 1.7 update troublesome try this link to download the newest version IF you are having error messages
    1. Go to the Public/Teachershare$ and look for the program
    • AcitvInspireSuitev1.7.58968_en_US_setup
    • Copy it to your desktop
    • Right click and RUN as Administrator
  2. Or go to Promethean Planet and
  3. Safari Montage
    1. ### Turn off your wireless to use the CV_Secure Network through Ethernet connection not wireless.
      1. SEE Blog Post about the Safari Player
      2. Try using IE ... Safari Montage does not like Google Chrome

  4. Keeping Students Safe Online. - see
    1. Atomic Learning.
      1. http://www.atomiclearning.com/k12/spotlight/Keeping-Kids-Safe-Online
      2. or Go to the CVSD webpage, Staff Link, then atomic learning, then log in. regular user name and password
    2. Common Sense Media K-12 Curriculum
  5. Carts and Lab time discussion for building
    1. USE GOOGLE CHROME for accessing Google Calendar!!
  6. Good Resources for Student Projects:
    1. Google Presentations
    2. Read Write Think Comic Strip Creator
    3. Make Beliefs Comix
  7. MS Outlook on your school computer while at home
    1. See Chris Smith's email directions


  1. Safari Montagesafari.png
    1. This resource can be accessed from the Staff Page
    2. The IU #13 provides this resource and will continue to do so
    3. Additional Feature Trail period of Home Access. 11/19- 12/31
    4. Blog Post on Safari Details
    5. Survey for Safari Montage Usage !!
  2. Discovery Education Video ResourcesDE_Streaming_POS.png
    1. Discovery Education http://my.discoveryeducation.com/index.cfm?
      1. Medianet account name and password: iu13ims

  1. Cart Managementhp netbook.jpg
    1. Student Profiles assign numbers to each student to keep track of usage
    2. Submit Helpdesk ticket for any machine not working correctly
    3. Return all devices to cart for charging
  2. Google Calendar for a building Brownstown, Fritz, Smoketown
  3. MS Outlook on your school laptop at home!!


On the agenda :
  1. Your classroom Website! (Updates to Wikispaces and new Glogster EDU)
    1. Wikispaces Blog http://blog.wikispaces.com/
    2. Glogster EDU Still Free for one teacher account http://edu.glogster.com/ and the blog http://blog.edu.glogster.com/
  2. Google Docs/ Google Drive sharing
    1. Google IT workshop links
    2. Google Drive Support
    3. How to Share!
  3. Search in Windows 7
    1. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/home
    2. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Find-a-file-or-folder
    3. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/help/videos/finding-your-files

  4. Atomic Learning Updates
  5. Microsoft Office For the Home next CV Tech blog post with directions!
    1. http://blog.cvsd.k12.pa.us/tech/
  6. Your Grade Level Questions!!!


1. Google Drive
Tech Blog - and RSS :
  • My Drive
  • All Items
  • Starred
  • Search Box

2. Helpdesk New Interface
  • Learning Services is to make an appointment to work with me.
  • Student Tech Services is for Student machines or Student Account
  • Staff Tech Services is for Teacher/Staff machines or Teacher/Staff Accounts
Hardware, Network Connection, Software, User Accounts and Web Apps are the choices.
The top person on the selection list is the technician who is regularly assigned this duty. If you choose someone else you may experience a delay in having your ticket completed while we reassign it to the correct person. We are doing our best to keep on top of the changing of ticket assignments.

The Learning Services have not yet been updated or changed. For me the most important part is the notes field where you address your needs and give options for days and time to meet.

3. Keep your Laptop UPDATED update_ME.jpgif it is flashing you need something updated!!
It is a two step process.
1. Download AND
2. Install
You need to do both steps!
  • Java
  • Flash
  • Adobe Reader
    • JUST Say NO to the Free StuffRemember DO NOT Download the toolbars or McAfee.. .you already have a virus scan protection program
  • iTunes - SAY YES!!! and restart for it to take affect
  • and Web Browsers. Try them all and use what works for the tool you are using.
    • Chrome
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox

4. User Login Accounts and AUP
Loading Profiles on a machine takes time and each time you log into a new machine it creates a profile.
Teacher Accounts, Student Accounts and the CV AUP
  • Teacher accounts have greater access to network resources including confidential student information. HIPA
  • Student accounts have greater restrictions to web resources in accordance with their age appropriateness and the need for student access to be filtered. E Rate and CIPA

CV Board Policy 139 states "Employees are not authorized to allow another individual (i.e. significant other,
family member, student or co-worker) to use district technology resources entrusted to them for any reason,"

139.500 Confidentiality of District and Student Data
District data, including student information, employee information, testing data,
health information and other data maintained by the district is confidential, and
employee access shall be determined on a need to know basis. The district shall
determine, in its sole discretion, which employees have a legitimate job-related
need to have access to such data and provide appropriate user right access.
Employees shall adhere to all laws governing the confidentiality of such
information, including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Privacy and Accountability Act, the
Pennsylvania Data Breach Notification Act and any other appropriate local,
state or federal regulations. No changes or attempts to change district and
student data should be made by anybody not authorized to do so as part of their
job responsibilities.

CV Board Policy 239 states "Students are not authorized to allow another individual (i.e., family member,other students) to use district technology resources entrusted to them for any reason"

Google Calendar for Cart Signout sp everyone has access and everyone can see where the cart is ...
Procedures for Cart Usage - whole class with teacher must retrieve computers from the storage teachers room
Cart Storage - all netbooks must be plugged in and charged
Students need to sign out using a number.
Students may have #3 for home room time and #12 for Science class but at all times we must track who had which machine on which day!

Teacher in charge of cart.. keep cart by the door to limit disruptions.
MS OUTLOOK on your teacher machine .. at home directions
Full Motion Video on the File Sharing Resources on the Network