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Agenda for Elementary Grade Level MeetingGoogle Docs -
  • How to upload a file for UBD Lesson - Collections Shared with me
  • Link to folder in email - Common Core Lessons
  • any file type can be uploaded
  • Google Chrome to upload a whole folder at a time.
  • Google Docs File Folder Structure 101 - PDF

Community Web Portal
  • Connected to Grade Book
  • Features Update
  • Class Announcements
  • Individual Student Announcements

Back up data, spring cleaning of email. All of your files should be saved to your named server folder but just in case… Please look in the following locations on your machine for your extra files
1. Desktop!!!
2. My Documents
  • My Music
  • My Pictures
  • My Videos
  • And drag any of the school related documents and files to your named server folder.
3. Favorites or Bookmarks
In IE - Internet Explorer for Favorites
  • Go to File
  • Import/ Export
  • Select Export
  • Next
  • Check Box Favorites
  • Next
  • Select folder that you want to save
  • Browse to choose your location
  • Save to your named server folder
  • Choose Export
  • Finish
In Mozilla Firefox 12
  • Left click on Bookmarks
  • Choose Show all Bookmarks
  • Select Import and Backup
  • Select Export/Backup
  • Select your named server folder
  • Give the file will be bookmarks with a date
  • Save
4. ActivInspire
If you have a Promethean board you will also want to backup:
My Resources and Resources Packs, any flipcharts that you may have saved in My Flipcharts and My Profiles… (this is the settings for your toolbar on your Promethean Boards)
This is how to find them:
Open My Documents
  • Open the Activ Software folder
  • ActivInspire folder has:
  1. My Flipcharts
  2. My Resources
  3. My Profiles
  • save this whole folder to your named teacher folder on the server.
5. Email
Save the emails you need to save in folders!
Delete all trash
Delete all spam
Delete old Sent Emails.
Right Click on the folder will give you an option to delete the contents.

6. Your Server Files
Delete duplicate items and save the files you need.

If you need help or guidance with backing up your files please send a helpdesk ticket.
Please also take this opportunity to review your files and only save what you need.

Final Note: Place any personal documents, pictures and music on an external device… like a flash drive, external hard drive or burn to CD.

7. CV Cloud - how to access your server file from home!!
Go to the CV Staff Page and click on CV Cloud.


Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meeting
Taking Care of YOUR Laptop

  • So what does this Pop Up mean to me??? Can't I just ignore it???update_ME.jpg
    • If you are working on your own laptop, you are an administrator of that machine.
    • Java -- Helps websites load the video or audio files
    • Adobe Flash -- Helps websites load interactive programs - there is a version for IE and a different one Firefox
    • Adobe Reader -- PDF Reader
      • Sometimes they try to offer you tools they think you need, like virus scan or a tool bar for your browser.
      • Follow the directions and UNCLICK on the special offers box.
    • iTunes and family.(Quick time, Safari, Mobile Me) -- and yes you usually have to restart your machine

  • Which Browser are you using? And Why does it matter to me???
    • Internet Explorer Version 9
      • (tools wheel and about IE)
    • Mozilla Firefox Version 12 ..what are you using?
      • (Down arrow and HELP! to see version)
    • Google Chrome I don't even know what this means but it said it is up to date!! 17.0.963.79 m
      • (Wrench tool and About Google Chrome)

  • ActivInspire
    • Which version are you using??? and Why do i need to update???
    • 1.5 is out of date
    • 1.6 is the current version
      • Look in the Help tab and check out the About
      • Help tab and Check for Updates

  • Helpdesk ticket is if you need help!!! Both Donna and I can help you with your questions!
  • Printing/Scanning/Copier
    • Follow Me feature!!!!
  • Writing Process
    • Pixie and Common Core
    • Inspiration and Writing Process 5th and 6th at BT Classrooms
  • Google Docs and Uploading Lesson Plans

  • Summer Technology Workshop interests??
  • Next month How and what to back up on your machine...
  • http://viewpure.com/ View Pure For You Tube Videos!!!


Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meetings
  1. Inspiration Software view DVD Demo Grades 4-6 and Common Core Lessons
  2. Pixie Software K-3 and Common Core Lessons
  3. Posterous
  4. Cool Tool - Class Dojo
    1. http://www.classdojo.com/
  5. Find a Tool by Grade Level
    1. http://www.k12station.com/k12link_library.html
  6. Cyber Safety Lesson Ideas
    1. http://lakehart.wiki.cvsd.k12.pa.us/
    2. goo.gl/xsrLz a shortened URL




Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meetings
  1. K-6 Anchors
    1. What technology are you having their students utilize this school year.
    2. What Cyber Safety lessons are you utilizing with their students this school year.
    3. How do you utilize the computer lab time?
    4. In what way can I assist you with integrating technology into their curriculum
  2. Cyber Safety Resources
    1. See Linked page for Cyber Safety Resources and Lesson Plans


Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meetings
  1. Elementary Technology Conference -
    1. http://etciu13.wikispaces.com/Home+2011
    2. Take Aways
  2. Speak Up Survey
    1. Due before Christmas Break
  3. Snacks!


Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meetings

  1. Equation Editors
    1. Word 2007 vs.Word 2003 (and what is compatibility mode??)
    2. ActivInspire Equation Editor
    3. How to save an image into your ActivInspire to use again and again.
    4. How can it be helpful to me?
  2. Grades 3-6
    1. Mid term Progress Reports in Sapphire
    2. How do you create them
    3. Who can print them
    4. When do you need them?
    5. Classroom Web spaces
      1. How's your wiki/moodle/blog looking?
      2. Is it linked in Sapphire Community Portal?
  3. Grades K-2
    1. Pixie 3
    2. Computer Lab Use
    3. Classroom Use
    4. Embed on Wiki Page
  4. Your CV PLN - Professional Learning Community
    1. What is in the Google Shared folder
      1. How do I use it?
      2. How can it be helpful to me?
    2. RSS and Good Blogs
      1. Suggestions of good teacher blogs to follow?
        1. 50 Blogs of Educators
        2. Mrs.Cassidy's Blog
        3. Elemmentary Science
        4. Let's Play Math
        5. Learning is Messy


Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meetings
  1. Tech Blog
    1. What is it http://blog.cvsd.k12.pa.us/tech/
    2. Where is it? from the CV Homepage
    3. How can it be helpful to me?
  2. CV Staff Directory from the CV Homepage
    1. Is your link current?
    2. How is your website or parent communications info in the parent portal looking?
    3. Do you need some help updating it???
  3. Video Streaming
    1. Discovery Education http://my.discoveryeducation.com/index.cfm?
      1. Medianet account name and password: iu13ims
    2. Safari Montage https://safari.iu13.org/SAFARI/montage/login/login.php?
      1. Active directory username and password
      2. A link to the new player can be accessed here: http://www.safarimontage.com/support/smmp_pa/smmpdownload_pa.aspx

  4. ActivInspire -- Import PDF!
  5. You can share your favorite links to great resources with your grade level… like daily edits, math website, or favorite tool.
  6. Please bring your tech questions or What are your tech goals?

Follow up from Last month:
Do you still need to finish your tech goal?? Don’t forget to check out my CFF Wiki page for ISTENETS/Goals
Have you tried the Pixie Software in the computer lab?


Agenda for Elementary Grade Level Meetings
1. Tech Goals – I have some already written that you can re-purpose for yourself!!

2. Pixie 3 Software – fun and kid friendly tool in the computer lab

3. eHelpDesk - how to get the help you need
  1. CV Tech Service - your computer, your projector, video and audio issues, software and hardware (Donna and Dylan)
  2. CV Learning Services Your professional growth needs, your technology goals, how to use a tool with your students (Mardy and Chris)

4. Your questions.