Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10 SetupThe FIRST TIME you log in, Windows 10 will take about 2 minutes to setup and install apps.After the initial install, your start-up time will be less than 1 minute.

Table of Contents

  • Global Protect login
  • Shortcuts to your favorite programs - create
  • Start Microsoft Outlook 2016 for the first time
  • Printers for Windows 10 - install
  • Bookmarks for your Web Browser - connect
  • Settings like sleep, lid and mouse
  • Software to be reinstalled using Software Center.

(See the next link for Windows 10 FAQ page for more information about Windows 10 with Frequently Asked Questions if you have more questions than just this page of directions)

Once you have your machine updated to Windows 10 by the technology department you can then follow these steps to get back up and running with printers, shortcuts and more!

Global Protect login

This message for Global Protect will pop up on your screen after you log in.
  • Type your firstname_lastname into the Username field and your Windows login password into the password field.
  • Click Apply
  • Once you get the Welcome screen, check: Do not display this page again.
  • Click the red X to Close the box! Done
Global Protect Portal Auth.png
Global Protect Portal Auth.png

Welcome to GlobalProtect.png

Your Shortcuts

to programs that you use frequently will need to be created by you.

NOTE: You will need to make shortcuts to your programs like Microsoft Word and the Snipping Tool.
  • windows 10.PNG
    windows 10.PNG
    This is the NEW WINDOWS 10 Start icon.
  • LEFT CLICK on the Windows 10 Start Icon -
  • In the SEARCH FIELD TYPE the name of the program i.e. Word or Snipping Tool
  • RIGHT CLICK to get the following options
  • Select one of the following options
    • Pin to start menu (the menu that pops up)
    • Pin to taskbar (the menu across the bottom)
    • Send to ... click the arrow and then select ....desktop (create a shortcut)

  • Repeat these steps for any program you use often like Word and Snipping Tool

Outlook Set Up

  • You will need to set up your email for Office Outlook 2016
  • You will need to click on your newly created Outlook shortcut/icon. The first time you open outlook you will be asked a series of questions.




1.Click Next,
2.Click Next
3. Wait for your email address to appear!! then click Next.
4. Wait for the three Green Check marks and click Finish.

NOTE: The default prompt screens will be Next, Next, Next, Finish. And if you follow the default prompts and do not change any settings, it will go smoothly.


Click the Windows button. Click on settings and select “Devices:"
settings windows 10
settings windows 10

settings printers.PNG
  • Then Select Printers and Scanners
  • Click on your choice for Default Printers
  • ToshibaBlack is the most common choice.

Bookmarks and Favorites

If you saved your Web Browser favorites as a file from Chrome and/or Firefox you will need to import that file back to the web browser.
If you use Google Chrome you will just need to sign in to Google Chrome under the three bar settings and LINK YOUR DATA and select OK!

  • Open your browser
  • Go to Bookmarks (3 bar drop down menu in upper right of Chrome, Star on bottom of Firefox start page)
  • Choose import bookmarks
  • Locate the saved files from the server, flash drive, etc. and import them

Laptop Settings

Go to the new Windows start menu and use the search box to locate the following information by typing in the word...

  1. SLEEP - change when your computer Sleeps
    1. Recommend setting at 1 hour
    2. Recommend DO NOT SET AT NEVER.
  2. Lid - change what happens when you close your LID
    1. You can choose Sleep, or Do Nothing. Just be careful you do not forget to shut down at the end of day!
  3. Mouse - change your mouse settings

Software Center

Look in the Software Center for software items you might need installed.
Start menu
Type Software Center
Locate Software
and select Download and Install
external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png

Software Center How-To (2).pdf
Software Center How-To (2).pdf
Directions from Dylan on Software Center
If the item you need is not in the Software Center please request software to be reinstalled through helpdesk.

ActivInspire Version

The first time you launch ActivInspire you will have an option to select PRIMARY or ACTIVSTUDIO. If you select the incorrect view for this step, you can change it on the Dashboard. F11 will pull up the dashboard and you can select Configure.
activinspire - primary.PNG
activinspire - primary.PNG
There is a small check box to switch to the other view.You will then need to close and reopen ActivInspire for it to launch in the other view.