At CV we have Wixie account for students in Grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade.
Students access Wixie on their iPads through the WIXIE app.


Teacher View
Student WIXIE view

The newest features in Wixie are:
  • Adding instructions AND recorded instructions.
  • Adapting rubrics for each project and evaluating each students work.
  • Common Core Standards Correlation and charting for each student.

Wixie is available on all platforms and students can access from home as well as from school. It is web based and can be accessed through mobile apps as well.

All student work is automatically saved every 30 seconds and the teacher control panel allows for teachers to monitor all progress.

Tech for Learning, the parent company of Wixie, is constantly updating and adding more features. They are responsive to suggestions.



Favorite Wixie project of all time – the second grade dinosaur interview from a second grade in Perkiomen Valley. You can view the exported video at http://www.tech4learning.com/wixie/resources. It is sample Science 01.

Accounts cost $5.00 per student but they do have reduced pricing for larger amounts of accounts.
We will be at 1000 accounts next year and the price per account will be 3.75 per account.

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